Midas were delighted to be the main power provider throughout the entire site.  The power layout was designed by Midas director Andy Dann with 12 machines with sizes right across the range stocked by Midas a good few miles of cable power distribution all laid out in some fine traditional British summer time weather.

Indeed it rained so hard the opening of the site was delayed by 18 hours to allow surface water to drain and help preserve the site. An eminently sensible decision executed by a simple text to the 10,000 plus attendees 99% of whom heeded the warning and delayed there arrival time.

Shambala prides itself on its principles and ethics, and is completely corporate free. Musically it represents a huge cross section of underground sounds and performers – you will not find radio or chart stars there. The line up is kept quiet and most people attend for the festival as a whole rather than a particular performer. Shambala liberates from mindlessly following a programme making exploration the order of the day. With every corner turned fans discover something new. The amount of entertainment on offer is staggering: music, art, film, crafts, workshops and socialising are all represented.

An excellent weekend, we at Midas are already looking forward to next year, well done Chris and the team.