Environmental Policy

The idea that you can turn a waste product, process that product into a reliable fuel and burn it in a fleet of machinery, therefore producing as near as possible carbon neutral electrical power was the principle idea that has helped Midas launch its unique biodiesel generator products into the temporary power and distribution market.

Since those early days of Midas we have constantly looked at the way our industry conducts itself with regard to its impact on our environment and have always supported and encouraged those who have tried to make changes for the good of industry and the environment.

It has been encouraging to find in the past 2 years talk of sustainability, energy efficiency, waste reduction, local sourcing all appearing on tenders and policies for events all over the UK and the introduction of BS 8901 will help to encourage all parts of our industry to change.

At Midas we recognise our responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of all our business activities, and believe that we have a unique opportunity to encourage and inspire the many people and organisations with whom we work. We have introduced numerous environmental initiatives into the way we operate, and attempt to promote these ideas as widely as possible within the industry and beyond.

At Midas our obligation is to balance cost effectiveness and quality with the views of our customers, staff, and suppliers along with other interested parties and to continue our business in a manner that enhances our positive contribution and further minimises our negative impact on the environment.

David Noble & Andy Dann