To complement the diesel generator fleet Midas also stock a comprehensive fleet of Lighting Towers. Powered by Kubota the V20 K2 is a brand-new mobile light tower equipped with 4x320W high efficiency LED lamp floodlights. More than 160 hours of running time and one of the lowest sound pressure level in the industry: only 58 dB(A) at 7 meters.


Tower Lights / Lighting Towers

The Midas tower light LED lamps are powered with only 48 volts, reducing the previously high voltages on external cables to improve safety.

Each unit has 3 doors for a wider access aperture. 2 compass-top doors with a “wing” shape provide complete access to the engine for safe and convenient maintenance. One additional rear door allows the access to the unique digital control panel. Rapid locking and adjustable stabilisers allows the operator to level our lighting towers in just a few seconds.

We believe these units offer one of the lowest noise levels of all lighting towers. The tower lights emit only 58 db(a) measured @ 7 meters! As well as being quiet, they have extremely long running time thanks to their fuel saving features such as the small engine and the LED lamps; in fact, this model can run up to 167 hours without re-fueling!

A highly innovative and compact shape can save transport costs, as up to 13 units can be loaded on a single truck. Further increased running time and efficiencies can be realised by connecting two of these tower lights together powered by only one running engine.

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A digital controller specifically studied to manage every
function of the light tower for the best ease of use.

Generac LED Lamps

4×320 W high efficiency LED floodlights designed by
Generac Mobile

Technical Specifications:

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