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Midas serves many east coast ports, vessels and various marine based contractors with temporary, emergency and backup power solutions, for both on and offshore applications

Prime & Standby Power Solutions


The Offshore diesel generator hire division of Midas is a rapidly expanding part of the company’s portfolio. We can offer generators from 15kVA to 1200kVA. Our specialist team can offer turnkey solutions on planned maintenance activities or alternatively react under short lead times to cope with unforeseen emergency situations.

Midas has experience with a broad range of vessels including work boats, dive support vessels, jack up barges as well as shore based engineering and maintenance activities.

Working in the offshore wind market Midas has developed a bespoke generator with DNV 2.7.3 certification pending. This generator is fully demountable into seven individual pieces to allow utilisation of Davit cranes situated on the Transitional Piece (TP) of an offshore turbine. Further details of this generator or of the other offshore and marine services Midas provide can be obtained by contacting the office directly.

David Noble, Managing Director at Midas explains;

“Offshore diesel generator hire is a very rapidly expanding part of our business and one we’re keen to expand further, capitalising not only on our geographical position close to the east coast ports but also our skill set and ability to deploy at very short notice. As with other industry sectors that we work in, the quality and presentation of reliable and safe generators, cable and distribution equipment is paramount in this demanding and challenging work environment, where quite literally time is money.”
Dave Noble, Midas

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Midas offer turnkey solutions for planned maintenance activities or alternatively can react to short lead times and unforeseen emergency situations




What can Midas do for you?

  • Huge range of generator units available
  • Timed delivery slots to work with your schedule
  • Thoroughly maintained units for maximum resilience
  • On-site training for new customers
  • Project Management
  • Own transport fleet





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