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‘It’s alright Guv, it’s got an RCD on it…..’

Are RCDs really the panacea for electrical safety? James Eade finds out the ‘residual’ outcome of the arguments for and against. RCDs are sensitive devices and - as anyone who has had unwanted operation at the most inopportune moment would probably agree - sometimes they can appear just a bit too sensitive. So, as a [...]

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Cable Guys

Midas is offering 20km of HO7 rubber-coated festoon cabling for sale or for hire in a bid to address the use of plastic-coated cables on event sites, which are increasingly seen as unsafe. Andy Dann, Operations Director at Midas, comments: “We trawled every cable manufacturer in the UK and they don’t stock HO7 Festoon, so [...]

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Hire a Diesel Generator in Wisbech

Diesel Generator Hire WisbechIf you want to hire a diesel generator in Wisbech, you should look no further than Midas. Midas offers a comprehensive and modern fleet of diesel generators for hire, expanding year on year as our customer demand grows. All our diesel generators are serviced and maintained to an extremely high standard – [...]

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