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Directed by Martin Kemp and produced by Jonathan Sothcoth and Martin Kemp, Following a stress-induced breakdown after producing a bestselling novel Paula Martin retreats to her childhood holiday home to get away from it. However the old house is full of secrets and mystery, which distract and disturb her fragile state. Her agent arrives to [...]

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Festival Update

Summer wouldn’t be summer without festivals and the following is a snap shot of those that we worked on during the month of July From its conception in 2007 Midas are proud to have worked with Mark and the chaps providing carbon neutral power generation and site wide mains and distribution in the heart of [...]

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Sunday 12 July saw history repeat itself on Walthamstow Marshes as Eric Verdon- Roe, the Grandson of flight pioneer Sir Alliott Verdon-Roe unveiled an exact fully flyable replica of his grandfather’s Roe I Triplane, the first all British aeroplane, built one hundred years ago. The event took place in the exact same spot that A.V. [...]

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